Leticia Pinto

Piano instructor

Ms. Leticia Pinto is a distinguished piano instructor at Piano Life Academy, originally from São Paulo, Brazil. Her musical journey commenced at the age of 9, instilling in her a deep passion for the piano.

Having completed her piano studies at the prestigious Etelvina Ramos Vianna conservatory in São Paulo, Ms. Leticia embarked on a career as an environmental engineer, dedicating 24 years to the field. Throughout her engineering tenure, she maintained a fervent commitment to education.

Ms. Leticia holds a degree in pedagogy with a specialization in psychomotricity, recreation, and educational games for children, reflecting her comprehensive approach to teaching. As an accomplished pianist, she continuously refines her technique and interpretation under the guidance of Dr. Lima.

Beyond her musical pursuits, Ms. Leticia is actively engaged in neurodivergent music education. Collaborating with Professor Etna Gutierres in Brazil and the Berkeley Institute for Accessible Arts Education, she strives to create a more inclusive music education environment.

Her love for children is evident in her teaching philosophy, incorporating innovative methods to cater to diverse learning styles. Ms. Leticia Pinto is a dedicated educator, bringing a wealth of experience and passion to the students at Piano Life Academy.